100 Days My Prince best Drama

100 Days My Prince best Drama

100 Days My Prince best Drama is a 2018 South Korean TV series starring Do Kyung-soo, Nam Ji-Hyun, and Jo Sung-ha. It is being broadcast on tvN starting from September 10, 2018, each Monday and Tuesday at 21: 30-time slot. It is the fourth highest-evaluated Korean dramatization in link television history.

The story of 100 Days My Prince best Drama

Lee Yul’s dad usurped the position of authority with the guide of the heartless Vice Premier, who assist Yul’s dad with murdering the current and his dedicated supporters. As Yul trusts that Yi Seo, the young lady whose family was executed and he has pledged to wed, has likewise been slaughtered in the overthrow. In this way, he sharply hates his new position as the crown sovereign of Joseon. Despite the fact that he trusts that Yi Seo was executed, he yearned for her.

A long time on, amid a long-drawn dry season, Yul requested the marriage of all singles all through Joseon. This is to abstain from fulfilling his marriage to the Crown Princess, the little girl of the Vice Premier, whom he abhors. Amid a course to a rain custom, Yul and his devotees were trapped by professional killers, and he was nearly executed. When he was in the run, he incidentally thumped his head and ended up oblivious. When he woke up, he had effectively lost his memory.

100 Days My Prince best Drama

Yi Seo, who had figured out how to escape sound in the overthrow years back, has been received by a normal person man and now lives covertly as a laborer young lady named Hong Shim. It was her supportive dad who discovered the frightfully injured Yul and breastfed him back to awareness.

Hong Shim declined to maintain the crown ruler’s declaration or turn into the courtesan of a lewd aristocrat. In this way, she should get her discipline by getting lashed. Her dad exploited Yul’s amnesia to protect his girl. An extremely suspicious Yul discovers that he is Hong Shim’s pledged, Won Deuk, a man whom her dad had prescribed yet whom she had never met.

Production of 100 Days My Prince best Drama

The main content perusing occurred on March 21, 2018, at CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Shooting started in April and finished on September 3.

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