3D Girlfriend Anime Characters, story and Watch it episode

3D Girlfriend Anime Characters, story and Watch it episode

3D Girlfriend is an Anime series up to season 2 full of Romance. You will get to know about it’s story, characters and watch it episodes here.


3D Girlfriend Anime

Tsutsui Hikari is a Nerd who only watches anime, and generally avoids open action. Hikari simply has a friend at school, who is furthermore a social dissident, and most by far of his classmates trouble him cruelly to be repulsive and particular. Sooner or later, he ends up cleaning the school pool with Igarashi Iroha, which is apparently almost all that he severely dislikes, everything considered, young women. She doesn’t go to class, has a straight to the point outlook, has no sidekicks and is apparently wanton. Regardless, he is very much arranged with Hikari, and even confronts people who scorn him. The cruelty and the issues of assurance of Hikari take it to state things hard to him to Iroha, anyway she never discards it like something dreadful.

3D Girlfriend Anime

Characters of 3D Girlfriend

Characters of 3d girlfriend are:

  1. Iroha Igarashi (Mc girl)
  2. Hikari Tsutsui (MC Boy)
  3. Yuto Ito
  4. Mitsuya Takanash
  5. Ezomichi
  6. Sumie Ayado
Season 1 Trailer
Season 2 trailer

3D Girlfriend is also known as Real Girl/ 3d Kanjo. There are two season of this anime. Season two was just released on 2019. May anime fans like this anime due to it entertaining story. It was illustrated by manga.

Watch it From here

Reference: Wiki

Official Website: 3dKanjo


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