Carole and Tuesday Anime of April: Story, Characters, and Trailer

Carole and Tuesday Anime of April: Story, Characters, and Trailer

Carole and Tuesday is an Anime of 2019 full of Drama, Romance, and Music. this post is to review this anime. You can watch it from here.


Fifty years have gone since mankind started to relocate to the new outskirts, Mars. It is when AI delivers the greater part of the way of life, and individuals mollify themselves with being latent shoppers. There is a young lady doing some portion of life in the city of Alba, working low maintenance while endeavoring to turn into an artist. She generally feels that something is absent. Her name is Carole.

Carole and Tuesday Anime

There is a young lady. Naturally introduced to a rich family in the commonplace city of Herschel City, she longs for getting to be music, yet nobody around her gets it. He feels like the loneliest individual on the planet. His name is on Tuesday. A possibility of meeting unites them. They need to sing They need to make music. Together, they believe they could have a chance. The two can just make a little wave. However, that wave will, in the end, develop into something greater.

Characters of Carole and Tuesday

Carole and Tuesday Anime
  • Carole
  • Tuesday
  • Gus
  • Tao
  • Angela
  • Roddy

Release and Others


Carole and Tuesday is originally run in April 10, 2019. it is directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and written by Aya Watanabe. There are 24 episodes in this anime.

Watch it on Kissanime:


Official Website: Carole&Tuesday

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