Fairy Gone 2019 Anime Review: Story, Characters, and Others

Fairy Gone 2019 Anime Review: Story, Characters, and Others

Fairy Gone is a Japenese anime of 2019 which is full of action and fantasy. This post is to review this anime. You Can watch it from here.


Fairy Gone

The anime happens in our current reality where the fairies have and occupy creatures, giving them baffling capacities. By evacuating the organs of a had creature and transplanting them to people, the fairies can be called as a modify self-image and utilized as a weapon. Such people who utilized fairies as instruments of war were called pixie warriors. When the war finished and they finished their jobs, the officers lost their motivation. Some started to work for the administration, others joined the mafia and some even moved toward becoming psychological militants, since everyone picked their own specific manner of life.

Fairy Gone

It has been a long time since the war. The hero Mariya is a newcomer of Dorothea, an association that explores and smothers wrongdoings identified with fairies. In the midst of the flimsy political circumstance, lawbreakers with waiting injuries of war and past clashes rise and participate in psychological oppression as a demonstration of retribution. This is the narrative of Fairy Soldiers, battling for their own equity in a tumultuous post-war world.


1. Maria Noel 5. Clara Kisenaria
2. Free Underbar 6. Serge Tovah
3. Veronica Thorn
7. Nein Auraa
4. Wolfran Row8. Marco Bellwood

Release of Fairy Gone


Fairy Gone will be released on April 7, 2019. It is directed by Kenichi Suzuki and written by Ao Jumonji. It will be originally running on Tokyo MX, MBS, BS11, AT-X Network.

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Official Website: FairyGoneanime

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Maria is a bad protagonist.