Granny Horror Game

Granny Horror Game

Granny is a non-mainstream loathsomeness computer game created by the engineer as an otherworldly successor to his Slendrina arrangement. It was initially released on November 24th, 2017 for Android gadgets. An iOS rendition came soon thereafter on December eleventh, 2017. A PC port was released by means of the Steam stage on November twentieth, 2018. Since March 2018, the game has turned out to be progressively prevalent in the gaming network, as YouTubers, for example, DanTDM, DashieGames, Denis, Kindly Keyin, John Wolfe, LightningBlueDragon, and Vividplays Channel have played it. The game is right now on Version 1.6.1, released on January 21st, 2019.”Granny Horror Game

GamePlay of Granny Horror Game

Granny Horror Game

The player ends up awakening in a bed they don’t recall in a room they don’t perceive. They have been secured up an old, haggard house by Granny, an insane elderly person (or evil presence) who chases her prey with a bloodied homerun stick. They should investigate and discover things and instruments to enable them to open the different locks Granny keeps on her front entryway, all while beating her interest and covering up in the beds, caskets, and closets found in the different rooms of the house. In their main goal to open the front entryway, they’ll likewise unearth a carport at the base of the house which holds a useful but dismantled vehicle.

Granny Horror Game

Should they so pick, they could surrender their unique target and rather center around utilizing the parts that they find to fix and fuel the vehicle, which would then be able to be utilized as another break strategy. En route, they’ll additionally keep running into the numerous different insider facts that Granny keeps taken cover behind bolted entryways. Her pet arachnid shows up as an auxiliary for, stayed in an enclosure at the highest point of the house. Furthermore, an especially analytical player may discover leftovers of a broken family, or more awful, the remaining parts of Granny’s last unfortunate casualty. Will the player have the capacity to get away from their jail in the five days Granny has so liberally allowed them, or will they surrender to her unending pursue and face their fate in the dividers of the house. “GamePlay of Granny Horror Game”

Release of Granny Horror Game

It was released in 2017 and it’s been 2 years. It is awarded by the title of mobile best horror game.


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