I Picked Up a Star on the Road Kdrama Review: Story, Casting and Others

I Picked Up a Star on the Road
I Picked Up a Star on the Road

I Picked Up a Star on the Road is a Kdrama of 2018 which is full of Romance, comedy and thrill. this post is to review this drama. you can watch it from here.


I Picked up a Star on the Road

Lee Yeon Seo fantasies of showing his director a thing or two, however inadvertently speak to his dream in none other than Hallyu star Kang Joon Hyuk. Suspecting that she slaughtered him yet expected that he would be named as a killer, she takes him home and plans to dispose of the body. Be that as it may, Joon Hyuk awakens and seeing his arrangements trusts he has been seized by a deadly insane person. When she doesn’t see another alternative, she keeps him prisoner so he doesn’t make her a cop.

I Picked up a Star on the Road

Casting of I Picked Up a Star on the Road

  • Sung Hoon role as Kang Joon Hyuk
  • Kim Ga Eun role as Lee Yeon Seo
  • Kim Jong Hoon role as Hwang Nam Goo
  • Kang Sung Jin role as Representative Kim
  • Lizzy role as Jin Se Ra
  • Ji Ho Sung role as Mir
  • Yoon Kyung Ho role as Detective Byun

Reference: Mydramalist

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