Magmel of the Sea Blue Review: Story, Characters, and Watch Now

Magmel of the Sea Blue Review: Story, Characters, and Watch Now

Magmel of the Sea Blue (Gunjo no Magmell) is an anime of 2019 full of action, supernatural and adventure. This post is to review this anime.


35 years ago, the new continent suddenly appeared. Many explorers challenged the new continent in search of new species of animals and plants and valuable mineral resources.
A search request for a missing person comes in as the cause of the finder who makes the rescue of explorers alive.

Magmel of the Sea Blue

Emilia asks her to rescue her father from “Kerubea” who has appeared at the Research Institute of Bio-Applications. However, I do not think about the cause or the way of the laboratory well, and I refuse the request that I am cold as this matter is also common. As soon as Emilia who did not rely on anyone else named it a pick-up factor, it took a cause or request and headed for a laboratory in the 7th district.

Characters of Magmel of the Sea Blue

Magmel of the Sea Blue
  • Inyo (Voice by Kengo Kawanishi)
  • Zero (Voice by Mao Ichimichi)
  • Shuin (Voice by Toshiyuki Morikawa)
  • Emilia (Voice by Hibiku Yamamura)

Release and others

It was released on April 7, 2019.

Screenplay: Ominato Tadaji Storyboard / Yuto Date Director / Yoshitaka Nagaoka General Director / Ishii Meiji

Animation director: Kumiko Kato, Shin Hye Ran, Chang Yeong Seon, Lee Yeong Mi


Official Site: Anime

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