Marriage Contract Kdrama Casting, Story and Watch it Now

Marriage Contract Kdrama Casting, Story and Watch it Now

Marriage contract is a Kdrama which is full of romance. You will get to know about it’s Casting, story and WATCH all episodes through here.


Marriage Contract Kdrama

Hye-Soo has resided exclusively with her little girl Eun-Sung following the fatality of her hubby. She actually is constantly harassed by loan sharks credited to her later husband’s credit debt. Hye-Soo starts off working at the restaurant run by Ji-Hoon. She realizes that she’s a brain tumor and needs money on her behalf little princess after she dies. Hye-Soo overhears Ji-Hoon that he’s buying liver organ donor for his mom. For this to occur legally, Ji-Hoon projects to marry the donor. Hye-Soo insists to Ji-Hoon that she would like to be the donor. Ji-Hoon, unacquainted with Hye-Soo’s brain tumor, allows his offer and prepares a married relationship contract.

Marriage Contract Kdrama

Ji-Hoon has a cynical personality anticipated to his family record. Although he originates from a rich family, his mom got an affair with a committed man plus they acquired Ji-Hoon. From an extremely early age, he segregated from his mom and started to reside along with his father’s family. 1 day, he discovers that his mom has a liver organ disease and that he doesn’t have much time to reside in. Your only expectation is to obtain a liver organ transplant. Ji-Hoon despairs.

Casting of Marriage Contract

  • Lee Seo-Jin role as Han Ji-Hoon
  • Uee role as Kang Hye-Soo
  • Kim Young-Pil role as Han Jung-Hoon
  • Kim Yoo-Ri role as Seo Na-Yoon



Marriage Contract was released on March 5, 2016 to April 24, 2016. It is full of romance. It received the 2016 “9th” KDrama Awards.

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Reference: Asianwiki


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