Priest KDrama Review

Priest KDrama Review

The priest is a TV arrangement from South Korea 2018 featuring Yeon Woo-jin, Jeong Yu-mi, and Park Yong-charm. It debuted on OCN on November 24, 2018, and pretense each Saturday and Sunday at 22:20. This show has to do with medication and loaded with feeling.

Story of Priest KDrama

Gracious, Soo-Min is a youthful devoted Catholic minister, brimming with vitality. He is an individual from Regia 643. The gathering performs expulsions informally. Previously, his own mom was controlled by an evil presence. She couldn’t get an expulsion and therefore she passed on. From that point forward, Oh Soo-Min was instructed by Priest Moon Ki-Sun on the most proficient method to perform expulsions. Moon Ki-Sun is the individual who framed 643 Regia. In the interim, Ham Eun-Ho turned into a specialist after his family endured a tragic mishap. She needs to spare individuals’ lives. Presently, Ham Eun-Ho works in the crisis room of a healing facility. Ham Eun-Ho does not have confidence in God, but rather she observes a powerful marvel and keeps running into Priest Oh Soo-Min. She faces a major change in her life. “Priest KDrama Review”

Priest KDrama Review

Characters of Priest KDrama

Oh Soo-min

A faithful and careless Catholic cleric who is an individual from 643 Regia. Twenty years previously the arrangement, Soo-min and her dad, alongside minister Moon Ki-seon, saw the demise of their mom at an early age, where she was had and murdered by an evil spirit because of her dad’s refusal to trust The expulsion keeps him from getting one. Under the tutelage of cleric Moon, he turns into an exorcist.

Ham Eun-ho

A female specialist from Southern Catholic Hospital who lost her confidence in God at an early age when her folks passed on before her in a mishap, discovered Soo-min when her latest patient ended up being controlled by a shrewd substance. After seeing the expulsion of both the patient and the resulting ownership of an associate by a similar element, he started to reexamine his convictions. “Priest KDrama Review”

Release of Priest KDrama Review

It was release on 2018, Nov. There are 16 episodes in this drama.

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