Radio Romance Kdrama

Radio Romance Kdrama

In this Radio romance drama, Song Geu Rim is a radio program essayist who isn’t actually skilled at composing. She has the energy, the activity, and the solidarity, however because of her absence of composing, she is as yet an aide essayist. When he was youthful, radio was the main thing on the planet that he could impart to his visually impaired mother. She was supported by the hints of the radio and cherished it more than anything, so she turned into an essayist. At the point when her radio show is going to be dropped, she figures out how to pick the best on-screen character Ji Su Ho, who can not do anything without a content.

The story of Radio romance drama

Radio romance drama

Song Geu-Rim functions as a partner essayist for radio projects. His mom was blinded when Song Geu-Rim was 14 years of age. Thereafter, he tuned in to the radio recurrence with his mom. This drove Song Geu-Rim to end up an author of radio projects, yet she isn’t actually skilled to compose. His radio show, DJ, all of a sudden leaves Korea and Song Geu-Rim loses his employment on the radio station. In the interim, PD Lee Gang comes back to Korea from India. In some cases he acts like a maniac, however he is commonly great at his specific type of employment. Lee Gang recommends to Song Geu-Rim that on the off chance that she can pick Ji Soo-Ho as the DJ of her new radio show, she can fill in as the fundamental author of her radio show.

Ji Soo-Ho is the main performing artist. He and his folks look consummately cheerful, yet the truth is told, they are The story acting like an upbeat family. Ji Soo-Ho experiences dejection and can not rest without taking dozing pills. Tune Geu-Rim continues moving toward Ji Soo-Ho to take the situation of DJ, however he cannot. With the energetic and authentic methodology of Song Geu-Rim, Ji Soo-Ho acknowledges.



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