While You Were Sleeping Drama

While You Were Sleeping Drama

While You Were Sleeping is a mix of the lawful show and dream classes, concentrating on the story of three young grown-ups who have procured the capacity to see the future through their fantasies: field columnist Nam Hong-Joo, the new kid on the block investigator Jung Jae-chan, and cop Han Woo-take. A portion of these fantasies shows violations that Jae-chan needs to examine and sad occasions that either them three need to endure. Vexed by these fantasies, the trio teams up with one another to keep these inauspicious dreams from transforming into the real world and to bring down one of their most outstanding adversaries, the degenerate legal advisor Lee Yoo-beom.

Story of While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping Drama Cast

While working with her mom Yoon Moon-sun in their samgyeopsal eatery, Hong-Joo meets a chain smoker whom she longed for and will undoubtedly pass on in a fuel station. Hong-joo ends up startled when the smoker passed on as what she had longed for, in addition to another fantasy where her mom was bound to bite the dust additionally because of a mishap Hong-joo is going to get into; this pushed her to remove her hair since she had a long hair in the fantasy. On his first day at the Division 3 Prosecutors’ Office, Jae-chan meets Lawyer Lee Yoo-beom whom he unobtrusively severely dislikes on account of an unpleasant episode back in his puberty. One night, Jae-chan dreams that Yoo-beom takes Hong-joo in a date. In the fantasy, Hong-joo pardons herself to return home reasoning that she had gone out slightly open.

While You Were Sleeping Drama

Yoo-beom drives Hong-Joo’s vehicle and this leads into a mishap that executed a policeman. The catastrophe prompts Yoo-beom misrepresenting proof, Hong-joo wrongly blamed for the mishap, and her mom kicking the bucket just to recover her. Jae-chan, who was the prosecuter accountable for the case in the fantasy, was not able prevent her from submitting suicide. At the point when Jae-chan faculties that his fantasy is going to end up genuine on a blanketed night on Valentine’s Day, he pursues Yoo-beom and Hong-joo in another street and, utilizing his very own vehicle, blocks Hong-joo’s vehicle just before Yoo-beom could inadvertently hit Han Woo-tak, the policeman appeared in the fantasy. Yoo-beom censures Jae-chan, supposing it was a type of requital, yet Hong-joo embraces and offers her thanks to him similarly as what she had longed for.

Casting of While You Were Sleeping Drama

-Hong-Joo(Bae Suzy) Main girl

-Jae-chan(Lee Jong-suk) Main Hero

-Yoo-beom( Jung Hae-in) the policeman

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