Ugly duckling don’t

Ugly duckling don’t

Ugly duckling don’t is a Thai romantic drama which was Published by ugly duckling television. This drama was also known as the best romantic drama and reviews are at the top level. So, guys hope you like this article and watch it soon. Stay tuned.

Story of Ugly duckling don’t

ugly duckling

Maewnam a girl who was rejected by her crush at the elementary school with the compliment of ugly get depressed with it so, After that she used to wear a box on her head and believe that she is ugly. But in reality, she is a Beautiful girl. She doesn’t want to go to high school but her father forced her to go in it. After that, she gets good friend who was Minton and Zero. Minton was a funny and good guy. But Zero was a bad guy of the college who often bully others. Often the good guys take the beauty but in this drama, Zero will be the lover of Maewnam because Minton was the same guy who rejects her at the elementary school and gives a status of ugly. Yeah this is the great turn of the story which deployed all the story.

Characters of Ugly duckling don’t

Main Role

  1. Zero (Mek Jirakit)
  2. Minton (Victor Chatchawit)
  3. Maewnam (Mild Lapassalan)

Supporting Role

  1. Ozone (Intarasut Lapisara)
  2. Vivien (Tsoi Alice)
  3. Plawan (Nanon Korapat Kirdpan)

Release of Ugly duckling don’t

Ugly duckling was release in 2015 by the ugly duckling production and there were up to 7 episodes. This Drama is full of romance and others. Most of the people like the characters of this drama who great looks and charm. This is one of the reasons Thai are always leaped forward. “Ugly duckling don’t” Subscribe us now for the latest news. Hit the red butoon right of the page.



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